Birding at Wiener Augarten 2019

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In March, I moved to a new flat within Vienna. This new quarter has a large park almost at my doorstep, the Wiener Augarten. This is a baroque park with tightly designed paths and trees. But between the paths it is quite natural and wild. I spent a lot of mornings in the park looking for birds. For the breeding birds, this is area is not very attractive. But for migrating birds it serves as an island withing the concrete of the city.

Peregrine Falcon | Wanderfalke (Falco peregrinus). They can be seen hunting Feral Pigeons around the old bunker towers. Wiener Augarten, Austria.

Red-backed Shrike | Neuntöter (Lanius collurio). This female was a nice surprise; it was found silently hiding in a bush. Wiener Augarten, Austria.

Great Tit | Kohlmeise (Parus major). Great Tits are the most common passerines at Augarten. This bird is a juvenile with an unusual head pattern. Wiener Augarten, Austria.
Red Squirrel | Eichhörnchen (Sciurus vulgaris). Wiener Augarten, Austria.

Hybrid Carrion x Hooded Crow | Nebel- Rabenkrähenhybrid (Corvus corone x cornis). Most of the crows at Augarten are hybrids. Some might resemble pure Hooded Crow, like the one in the picture, but you can still see a of dark flecking in the grey areas of the back and belly. The white in the wing comes from malnutrition which is common among urban birds. Wiener Augarten, Austria.

Great Spotted Woodpecker | Buntspecht (Dendrocopus major). You can see one fledgling peeking out of the nest hole. One of four nesting sites I have found for this species in the park. Wiener Augarten, Austria.

Rook | Saatkrähe (Corvus frugileus). Every winter thousands of Rooks come from Eastern Europe to winter in Vienna. Somestimes a few hundred can be seen sleeping at Augarten. Wiener Augarten, Austria.

Longhorn moth (Nemophora degeerella). This beautiful day flying moth dances in tight flocks for mating. Wiener Augarten, Austria.

Whinchat | Braunkehlchen (Saxicola rubetra). This female made a short stopover during spring migration. Wiener Augarten, Austria.

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